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I called Nahum, Nahum .... That means great comfort or great consolation in hebrew.

I was very sick, and had damage at my brain because a bad medication, which made me an accident cerebral. I had a paralisis of the left side for a couple of weeks, with a big difficulty for find my words for talk, for to walk, for to use my arm and my left hand ....  I was in total darkness with a big depression. I bought this little critter the day where the Doctor said too me that I need to thought at me. I go back home with this little one. For one week I named him Honey, but it was in waiting for a name. A perfect name ...  In the same time I was in a study of old sacred texts. Search for something, some answers, try to understand the humanity ... I was on the computer and my little baby ferret was sleeping on my legs when I was reading the text of the Prophet Nahum. At this time, I knew the name of my baby.  It was this little ferret who put the light in my soul... and put again the smile on my face, and force me to stand up each day. He has washed all my pain, and all the darkness...
I started to be sick in february 2002, and Nahum came with me in april 2003.  I never been sick again. 

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Nahum is sick / Nahum est malade

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