Nahum malade

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Nahum 2 days after his surgery

The text I gave to my new vet on our first visit the 2006-10-24

thank you Greta & Linda for help me to write this :

Nahum is 3 1/2 years old.

My little boy has always been in very good health. In January 2006, he has had a bad ulcer which has been cured with Amoxicillin. Now I am very careful about that.

Near August 20 Nahum has started to sneeze and it has become more stronger and more often after 10 days.

September 05 : sneezing since 2 weeks : first vet visit : Amoxicillin -2 x day 0.5cc for 10 days

September 15 : stopped the Amoxi even if the sneezing is still there.

September 21 : big swelling on the left side on his face: vet visit : - injection of dexamethazone... The vet thought that it was a trauma. Nothing in his mouth and on his teeth. The vet has also checked his ears and his eyes, everything was fine.  Start again Amoxi for the sneezing for 10 more days.

September 24 : the swelling is all gone, but there's always a little hard bump on the nose. No pain, I can touch the bump with my finger, and it doesn't move.

September 30 : stop the Amoxi ... : always sneezing and bad poops (because of the Amoxi)...the little hard bump is still on his nose.

October 05 : little hard bump is still there : vet visit again... The vet said that something may have fallen on his bone nose, and that it was probably a trauma. But the bone nose isn't broken. (no Xray has been taken to confirm though)

October 16 : The swelling comes back again ...

Nahum seems to have no pain. But he doesn't like when I touch him, before Nahum loved when I pet his face. Last Sunday, I've noticed that he had some white liquid in his left eye and he had trouble to open it.

Nahum sleeps a lot more... He plays a lot less than usual, he seems to ignore his favorite toys, and doesn't care for his favorite games anymore. But he eats his food.

Nahum sneezes only when he wakes up. When he sleeps, he doesn't but sometimes I can hear a very low little noise coming from his nose.

I know that Nahum hits his head very hard on the ground when he sneezes. At the last visit (September 21) the vet thought that it was a trauma, but maybe Nahum had made this injury by himself ?

It's the second time that Nahum has this swelling, and I'm very worried. I would really like to find out what's the problem and I need your opinion.

Can I ask you to take an Xray ?

I feed Nahum :  Innova Evo for Ferret, Zupreem, Living World Premium (Hagen). And each day Lamb baby food (Heinz).

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Result of the first appointment

2006-10-24 18:18

we are both at home now.

Nahum has fever : 40.1

The welling was a little worse today, and the skin become more pink/light purple.
When the vet looked inside the mouth there is a litte red wound. It is something new, because I had checked very carefuly this place the past week and all was light pink and nothing wrong.

We will come back tomorrow, for anestisis for radio about teeth, for open the swelling and send that to analysis.

She thinks that perhaps it is his broken fang which had made an infection.
But Nahum broken this fang when he was 1 year old.

Also when she will  taken the radio she will be able to know if she needs to remove this tooth. And she will give him an injection of antibiotic.

She tooks a blood sample for test before the anestesia.

She gave to Nahum amoxi 0.35cc 2x day...

Also Nahum gained weight ... awww...he weights 0.900 grams !
before he was 0.830 grams ... It is the Lamb  for sur, it is a fat food !

She said that the Dr Parker is a friend of her.

Also I called my job, for to be off tomorrow.

Now I am just afraid about all that.
Envoyé : 2006-10-24 23:38
Thank you for all your prayers and thoughts, Nahum needs that ...

Also tomorrow I will stay at the clinic all the time. I hope they don't push me outside.

We must to arrive bettween 8:15 ... 8:45 a.m. .... I don't know when Nahum will be ready to come back home with me, and cuddle in my bed.

When we will come back, I will update you.
I hope all will be ok.... I am so afraid about this anestesia, I am afraid that he never wake up.

Yukka & Nahum 


2006-10-25 21:00
We just arrive, I had put my baby in my room. He is very tired. But he is in life.

Let me some time, I will come back with the informations.

I need to give him sulcrate right now .... if you remember ... he hates this nasty stuff. I come back very soon
Thank you for care so much for my true Love

Envoyé : 2006-10-25 22:29
Nahum is so a good boy. He has had the nasty sulcrate. But I needed to scruff him. I made it quick. But He had cry... as a human baby, the same song about a low cry.

Now he is in a blanket on my knees. And Bear is running ... and Anika's sleeping.

So it was a long day.

Nahum had a "feilure" with his poor little heart. The heart became slow, also the vet DR Roscoe stoped the anestesia, and wasn't able to remove the broken fang.

She started to remove it, but the tooth was well attached, and she didn't have the time to remove it.

She had clean the bump. It was pus.... And when she pressed the bump, the pus gone out by the inside the mouth by the hole in tooth.

When we saw the XRay, we saw nothing bad. All seemed ok.

The bateria entered by the hole of the broken fang. Nahum broken this fang when he was just 1 year old. Randy explain to me that the time doesn't matter that can happen later.

Also there was another problem with the blood test that she took yesterday.
That show that the level of creatine is to high. That means that there was blood on the kidneys... Perhaps because the infection, fever, or something with his bad last ulcer.

Because that, in first this morning she gave hime an oral medication for protect his organs, and 1 hour later an injection of antiacid, and wait yet, and give him an injection at 1:15 pm for relax... all the time Nahum was with me. After that was time for the surgery near 3:30... near 4:00 the vet  with another vet Dr Carron who is french,show me the Xray  and talk about remove the broken fang. I said yes... In the same time she said to me that all was ok, Nahum was very fine... I was very happy, and finally take a book and take my oxygen...

So more late the 2 vets came to see me, and explain to me that Nahum have problem with his heart.... but he was fine ... but I see all dark as my Light was off.

Dr Roscoe left at 6:30 p.m. it was another vet Dr Poulton who checking Nahum, and checking him again before to go home. The clinic closed at 7:30, but we have leave at 8:pm.
She gave to Nahum a hot thing (put in microwave) for put in the carrier. All ladys here are so carreful, and gentle, and there was the french vet who was here for translate all what Dr Roscoe said. Also Nahum had 3 vets today.

Also because his to high level of creatine, she wouldn't give to Nahum to much medication for pain and cause damage with something.
I must to come back tomorow morning at 9:30 a.m. for pain medication. I have understand morphin (but I am not sure)... Tomorrow this vet will be not here, also it will be another that I saw tonight. But Dr Roscoe want to see Nahum, and she will come tomorrow at 1:00pm ... Also I have 2 appointements tomorrow.

For now to see Nahum is so hard, it not beautiful, is face is bloody, I can see the cut... Just make me cry...

For the broken fang... she said we will see how Nahum heals, how that will be, perhaps in 2 weeks, remove it... But I am so AFRAID to lost him because his poor poor little heart. His heart is pure as diamond but fragile as a crystal.

All prayers and thougts are all welcome for that my Light of my soul light up very strong.

the day after surgery ... other appointment

Envoyé : 2006-10-26 16:41

We are home again.

This morning Dr Poulton gave to Nahum an injection of morphine and did a check up and all was ok.

Greta I have ask your question. If the infection was the cause of the heart problem.
That can be, but it isn't on the top of the list of causes.
If it was a problem because the infection, I have understand that Nahum would had also an heart murmure too, but he didn't.
If Nahum heals about his infection, the heart will not be more strong.

The cause may be a combinaison of things, as the mix of the oxygen and gaz, or with the relaxation injection,... the 2 ... the 3 ... It is difficult to know .. and for me it was difficult a little for understand. The french Dr was not here... and I am not a vet, and I am so nervous too... and all what you know.

Also Nahum had his second appointment with Dr Roscoe at 1 p.m. ... I asked again the same questions, and I have understand the same answers.

Also Dr Roscoe open again a little the skin of Nahum's face, for make sure all bad stuff go out.

She find that the inside of mouth was fine.

She did another glucose test blood. And she didn't want to give to Nahum another pain medication. she is afraid that will be too hard on his stomac.

Also yesterday I made an error in my writting, I have bad understandin something... I asked again for make sure, and Dr made me a draw...
The pus didn't go out by the hole of the broken fang. Inside the mouth the pus was going out by a hole in the gum, close to the broken fang.
She explains, that the pus wanted to go, the skin is to stiff (hard) on the face ... But the gum is more soft and less thick, also it is for that, the red wound inside, it was here there is a lil hole.

This afternoon when she put distyled water for wash in the cut on the face, the water passed inside the mouth by this hole in the same time.

Also she said it was a good thing, like that, the pus can go by 2 places.

Now for the broken fang. I said that I am too afraid for another anestesia... I have ask for put a "Cap"... She said yes it a possibility to put acrylic on the fang, for no more bacteria can enter. Also she tell me about the root canal as Huronna said about her Dixie. It is a dentistry job.

But in all the cases they needs to anestesis Nahum.... Also she thinks that to put acrilyc will take less time, also less risk.
Now all anestesia can be a risk.

Now for the heart. She can pass electro, and all the tests that I forgive the names, CIP or something like that, Thank you Lasher to remind the names of all thoses tests
She tell me about an ultrason, but again Nahum will need an anestesia because for not to move.

Also for a dentistry, to give Nahum in another hands ... with his heart now...

In the last, Dr Roscoe thinks that Nahum has an ulcer again, or something wrong.
I know I have nothiced since a wile that nahum made bad poops, all darky and shiny, but with Lamb all seems to be better.
She gave me a new medication ...  : famoditine. I believe it a product as our peptobismol...

We have another appointement monday at 10:50 am.

If you think about some questions that I need to ask at the vet and I have fogetted, you will very gentle perhaps to start a new thread as "questions for the Nahum's vet"  only for the questions will more easy for me to find the questions, and keep that with me on monday.

Now I am really depress, I am so happy that Nahum is with me, .... but in the same time that remind me that I will lost him one day... I feel really not good. I know me, and it is not
good, because when I don't enjoy, it is all my little ones arround me who have some consequences. I need to enjoy the life of my babys, but I don't stop to think that I will lost them.

Thank you to all of you
Peace in your heart
Yukka et son tit poux Nahum

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