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Jour de Pluie

I get plenty of questions from many people about my lovely companions 
Thank you so much for this great interest

Are Ferrets easy to handle ?

Yes they are the most easy creature to handle, the most lovely too, they love you to die ...

What Ferrets eat ?

They are carnivorous, so they must eat meat ... Some people give them raw meat, especially in Europe.
In USA and Canada there is on the market some kibbles for ferrets, but some have to much grains on it, and can cause food allergies.
Nahum eats only Lamb baby food (the little jars) because he has had several digestive problems.
Bear loves baby food too :D but he loves also his kibbles 

How long Ferrets sleep ?

They sleep a lot : 16 hours per day.
More they become old more they sleep. Nahum who is 6 years old and half his sleeping 20 hours per day, and I need to wake up him for to feed him (soupy lamb baby food 4 times per day) and for a walk and exercises...

About Ferrets health or any problems ? :

The only BIG problem it is they are so fragile, get illness as the cancer of adrenal glands and insulinoma. But Ferrets in Europe are more strong than ours in US and Canada...
Vet visits, medications are VERY expensive and you need to think to have a special budget for when they become sick and old.
Not all veterinary can take care of ferrets. Sadly ferrets are considering as exotic pets, they have also illness that dogs and cats don't have. You are better to have a knowledge vet or at least a vet with mind open who want to learn for the best of his patients.

What about the special care Ferrets need ?

They need a lot of care, a lot of attention, they need exercises, they are SO VERY intelligent and curious so they need to have their spirit and mind always stimulated ;) So it is important to make your home ferret proofing, because their curiosity they can be in big dangerous trouble for their life ... as electrocuted under an oven, falling from an high place, they can climb, climb, climb, but they have not a good vision for to see far, so they jump, and get spine injuries... It is as to have a little human child of 2-3 years old ! you see what I mean !

DANGEROUS for Ferrets !!!

  • Hot weather
  • Peanuts, nuts, dry fruits : blockage intestinal
  • elastic, rubber, eraser : blockage intestinal -> Nahum ate a part of an eraser and I almost lost him. He has a big surgery for remove the eraser stuck in the little intestine Ferrets seem to love to chew rubber things
  • recliner chairs (there is a lot of accidents reported)
  • ... and many things

Does Ferrets get along with other animals ?

  • Yes they do very great with cats
  • With dogs only with close monitoring, you don't want your dog to crush your ferret !
  • Ferrets are mischievous and will tease others animals, so be careful that a dog can lose his patience and give a bite :(
  • NO with rats, mouses, rabbits, squirrels. No with any rodents. Ferrets will kill them in a space of few seconds. Ferrets are predators ! In Europe they are worker animals, used in farms for avoid vermin. They are also used for hunting. And they are really good for that !

Ferret span life : 

8-9 years if you are so very lucky
4-5 years start the illness of Adrenal cancer and sometimes too invasive for help them
I lost already Cody and Apollo at the age of 4
in Europe they can live until 12 years old :)


Basics Informations : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ferret
The best FAQ, complete informations : http://www.ferretcentral.org/index.html

Forums where I belong :

Ferret Family : http://ferretfamily.proboards.com/index.cgi
Ferret Lovers :http://ferretlovers.aimoo.com/TodayTopics.html
Deaf Ferrets :http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/deaf_ferrets/
Ferret Health : http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/ferrethealth/ (only medical)

Shelthers :

There is plenty of Shelters and Ferrets rescues in need (money, food, voluntary...)
Here are a few that I know personally, If you search one in your aera, please note me

Toronto - Canada : http://ferretaid.org/v3/
Ottawa - Canada : http://www.ferretrescue.ca/
Virginia - US: http://ferretsfirst.org/
Pennsylvania - US : http://www.rockysferrets.com/
Michigan - US : http://www.westmichiganferretconnection.com/

HOW do you get your Ferrets to cooperate for your photos ?

People "owned" by ferrets knows it is really hard to picture them.
They move a lot, they are fast, they are curious and put the nose on the lens.
It is a real challenge to capture them

* I take a lot of pictures in  a session, it can be over 300 to get 3 decent and one great pic. It is a statistic I have noticed ;)

* Nahum is more easy to picture. He is more patient with me and very calm. He is more old too. Nahum was 10 weeks old when I bring him to home so since the time he knows what I am doing when I have my camera in my hand.

* It is more difficult with Petit Ours (Bear) how is moving and bouncing all the time. That happens he doesn't move for a few second, so it is good to have a big memory card, and the finger always ready on the button. When I have an idea of photo I want to take, I prepare in advance all the things I need while they are sleeping. I test also my camera, for the lighting, etc... and after I will keep my little ones on the prepared place. Once some things are new, or moved, there are little curious, so more calm while the few minutes of exploratory.

  • Time
  • Patience
  • Perseverance
  • Great memory card
  • Don't look at each photo you are taking on you camera, you will miss a great moment(Just verify at the beginning make  sure you camera is well settled)
  • Put your body down, walk on your knees, and have toys with you
  • Try to have the more light possible. Day light is the best ! But please avoid direct flash in their little eyes :(
  • If you are enough lucky to have an external flash, please direct the light to the roof. Anyway the result will be better as the light will be reflected down by the roof.
  • It is a time for to be with your ferret, play and take it easy

The Lord of The Manor

Nahum laying on this big red chair, at first he didn't want to stay on it. I think I have reinstalled  him back on that chair and pink carpet perhaps more 20 times. It is also like a game. And they must to take it as a game too. After a while, he get tired and will stay here...

About the best camera ?

I have some wonderful shots (in my opinion)that I did with a little camera Konica Minolta Z2 (4 mega pixel)
Like this one  :
Breeze of Japan
I work also with a Nikon D60 and Nikon D200 which are pro, but with ferrets the magical receipt is not in the camera 

Why your FAQ is in English ?

English is an International langage, People who love my Art work, who love my ferrets,  are almost American, Australian and Japanese .

Translator : http://fr.babelfish.yahoo.com

Any other questions welcomed

Beside this, Ferrets  are just perfect


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