Cody forever


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My sweet love

I was volonteer at the Ottawa rescue, and the rescue was, at this time, located in my dear friend place.

Also, the first time I saw Cody it was in July 2003 and It was love at first sight. He still have loose furr on his neck and paws. He was as a little dinosaur and he stolled my heart.

When I searched an adoptable buddy for baby Nahum, strangely I choose Cody.  Perhaps there was almost 40 fuzzys !!!  But I falled in love with him.

Also my friend said NO ! you can't take this one, he is my baby ! At this time, I didn't know who was her owns and who was not... ... (also it is Anika who was adopted).

Saddly, more months later, my friend was very sick, the rescue moved, and  she gave me her 2 babys  because she was not  able to take care about them in the manner she wanted, and  she was so sad about that. She was  happy that I accepted to take them because Pénélope & me was in love with them. She keeped with her, Hank, who was her first baby and a very old boy  with lot of illness and needed special care. But Cody & Apollo was energic and needed playtime.

In mars 2004 Cody came with his buddy Apollo  for their forever home.

The previous mom said to me to give melatonin at Cody... so I did give him 1mg of melatonin per day mixed with ferretone.

But few weeks later, I noticed, that Cody had some green stuff on his belly.  And his bedding was always wet. At this time, I didn't have knowledge in illness and new nothing about  the disease Adrenal. Also I clean the sweet belly, but the green stuff came again and I understood that was a pee infection. I call my friend, she said to me she didn't have noticed something wrong, because she thinking that it was only Hank who made pee on the bedding because he was very sick. She gave me all the autorisation to make what I believe it was good for Cody.

2 April 2004 - first appointment for Cody to the vet  (the only vet in knowledge in ferrets that I knew in  my area at this time)
The vet give him amoxicillin and made an cytology analysis.

29 April 2004 - 2nd appointment. Cody made another pee infection ... again amoxicillin

17 July 2004 - third appointment ... Cody have another pee infection ... again amoxicillin but this time the vet talked about Lupron ... Gave to Cody  his first shot : 100 Mcg.

The diagnostic was the right Adrenal, inflammation in the bladder and a prostatite

03 August 2004 - The furr don't come back, and Cody is always rubing his belling against  things on the floor... another appointment ... The vet gave him the second shot of Lupron : 200mcg

21 September 2004 - Any improvment ... also the third shot : 400 mcg

30 September 2004 - another pee infection ... amoxicillin

13 october 2004 - I decided that the vet maked the surgery, even if it was at the right side.
The vet did the surgery, but was not  able to remove the adrenal gland. But he reduced the prostate who was too enlarged and made a big pressure on the bladder.

09 november 2004 - another shot of lupron : 100 Mcg

30 november 2004 - All the nite before Cody trying so hard to make pee. But I have thinking that he trying so hard to make a poop... I have give him a lot of of laxatone and many times (I will never forgive me for that) ... but It was a urinary bloccage.  I have coming at the openen door at the vet clinic... but we have waiting 3 hours before the vet take us, because I didn't have an apointment. All this time again, Cody in his carrier, trying to make a pee and was in a big pain.

Finally when we enter in the vet's room, it was to late, and Cody was in big and horrific sorrow. I have helped him to crossed the bridge. I am still in shock.

8 December2004 - I come back home with the ashes of Cody.

I am still crying.


I will come back with more life' storys about beloved Cody

How it is so hard

13 septembre 2006, 21:40

I miss you my Cody, I miss you so much

Cody In the heaven

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Made by Marli

Good sleep with Nahum

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The green carpet was his favorite. Nahum is the little silver mitt.

With Pénélope

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Cody loved nutrical

Nutrical was so good

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With buddy Apollo

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In the Roxane's arms

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With his Love : Anika

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Anika is the smaller
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